The College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) provides collegiate experience to adults with special needs who before have not had access to traditional college education. The school was started by DeAnna Pursai and Pamela Lindsay who believe that these adults have talents and abilities that just needs to be developed and illuminated upon.

CAA is a non-profit institution with a mission and vision to empower adults with special needs to pursue and develop their passion in the field of arts, science and technology, communication, health and wellness, as well as hone their talents in dance or theater.

It is a higher education institution where students can take individual classes to earn certificates, or enroll in a specific undergraduate course of study or postgraduate curriculum. In so doing, CAA prepares students to become productive individuals and make a positive contribution to the community.

Pain Points

Back then, CAA had an old and outdated website that was neither mobile-friendly nor SEO-optimized. The website did not have a clear lay-out and information was not organized.

The Panalo Solutions

Panalo Team customized and redesigned the website from scratch. The team gave it a clean and user-friendly interface with good navigation design. The structure and labels of the website’s navigation menu is simple, intuitive, and organized. The Panalo web design and development teams made sure that information was organized and properly placed, so it can be easily retrieved by teachers, staff, students, and parents. The team also conducted search engine optimization and back-end support for their website.

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As a result of these Panalo solutions, CAA was able to establish:

  • a premium and excellent higher education institution for adults with special needs
  • increase in the number of enrollees
  • more donations coming in for the benefit of the students’ continuing education

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