5 Qualities of a Good Website Design

Your website is one of the keys to getting more clients, conversions, and sales. Thus, it is undoubtedly important to have a good website design. In this article, we’ve rounded up the top 5 qualities of great website designs.

1. Clear and Consistent

Your website’s components and functions should be clear and consistent to the user. The words and fonts used should be readable, and the icons used for the functions are clear, familiar, and understandable to the user. The content of your website should also be clear and comprehensive, and free from grammatical errors. Buttons and icons should be responsive when the user taps on it, which leads us to another quality of a good and effective UI design.

Here’s a good example of a clear and consistent website from the website design and functions down to the call-to-action buttons:

Example of a good website design is Grossman Chiropractic Website of Dr. Michael Grossman's website which is a website made by Panalo
Grossman Chiropractic

2. Fast and Responsive

Your website should be fast and responsive – it should load the website quickly when the user clicks on the site. It should be mobile responsive and adjust to different screen sizes.

Here’s a great example of a fast, responsive, and mobile-friendly website:

Urban Group SF is a site beautifully designed by Panalo
Urban Group Real Estate Company

3. Effective and Efficient

Your website should be able to function as it should. Good design ensures that the functionalities and capabilities of the website are well-presented and can be maximized by the users so that they can perform and achieve what they intend to do on the website.

For example, when a user clicks on “Contact Us”, the user should be able to be redirected to the Contact Us Page.

Solutions Office Interiors beautifully designed by Panalo Software Solutions
Solutions Office Interiors

4. Easy to Navigate, User-Friendly, Pleasant to use and User in mind

Good, quality websites are easy to navigate and should be pleasant to use. It displays functions at a minimum – only those necessary and important components are on display to the user. It should also be designed with the user in mind.

The website should also be user-friendly. If the user interface (UI) is bad, meaning it is neither aesthetically acceptable nor user-friendly, it would be useless and unusable to the user. Even if the internal functions of the website are working properly, but the UI is not user-friendly, the user and the client will neither be able to use the software nor will they be able to maximize the software’s functions and capabilities.

Advantage Aviation website beautifully designed by Panalo Software Solutions
Advantage Aviation

5. Call To Action

Your website should also have clear call-to-action buttons and messages. It should be able to guide the user on what to do and how to proceed.

College of Adaptive Arts Advantage Aviation website beautifully designed by Panalo Software Solutions
College of Adaptive Arts

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what are the top qualities of good website designs, it’s time to implement these on your site. Not sure where to start, or don’t have a website yet? No worries, we can help in designing your website for free. Yes, absolutely free. We’re offering a free sample website design at no cost and obligation to you. Just visit this page to know more about our offer: Panalo Free Design.

Sources: Ben Shneiderman’s “Designing the User Interface”, Jakob Nielsen’s “Ten Usability Heuristics” and Usability Post’s “8 Characteristics of Successful User Interfaces”.