The Business Value of Creative Outsourcing

Creative Outsourcing, also known as Creative Process Outsourcing (CPO), is a kind of offshore service that involves the production of marketing and advertising materials both for a company’s online and offline needs.

There is no denying that the marketing team faces a lot of challenges in relation to deadlines. In this light, a lot of companies are opting to go for outsourcing creatives. Creative tasks are company operations that range from graphic and web design to internet marketing like search engine optimization and content writing.

Look at it this way, creative outsourcing is like having a very own advertising agency or digital marketing agency dedicated to meeting your company’s specific needs. Yes, you can always get a freelancer to work for you but the great thing about outsourcing creatives is it has become one of the most flexible and scalable solutions for better project management.

To help you see the advantages of creative outsourcing, we have enumerated for you its business value:

1. Access to Skilled Manpower

An outsourcing company can provide specific skill sets to meet your particular requirement. Just brief them about the project and they’ll even suggest the best team to help you accomplish it. So whether it’s a graphic designer you want on your team or a staff with knowledge on social media marketing, you won’t have to wait months to hire one.

2. Fast Turnaround Time

Notice how we usually use the term “team”? That’s the advantage of outsourcing creatives over hiring freelancers. With CPO, the agency can provide you a team if you want the job done right and done fast. With a team working together, delivery will meet not just your requirement for quality but also efficiency. Hiring different freelancers who don’t know each other will make it harder for you and them to communicate with each other.

3. Cost-Effective

Outsourcing creatives means getting a team minus the costs that comes with hiring full-time employees. Want to hold a meeting? Do it over Skype! Let the outsourcing agency handle everything related to human resources from equipment, hardware, and facilities to salary and benefits. It’s cutting costs without sacrificing quality.

4. Project Focus

When you hire a remote staff for creatives, you can be sure that the time of your outsourcing team is dedicated solely to your project. You don’t have to worry about your creatives team spending their time and effort on projects of other companies. You know what that means right? Full concentration equals best solutions for your business!

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