3 social media trends you’ll see in 2017

The digital revolution has made unimaginable changes in the business landscape and its fast-paced approach is making it difficult for some companies to catch up. But if there is one thing the Age of Internet has given us here in the world of commerce- it’s the opportunity to openly communicate with your market. With various online channels ripe for your taking- websites, search engines, and mobile apps- there is one platform you should also start taking seriously: social media.

With over 2.5 billion active social media users in the whole world, not to mention an annual growing rate of 9%, it’s only sensible that you finally learn to invest some well-deserved time, effort, and energy to this particular online platform.

To give you a headstart on the coming year, here are some social media trends you should watch out and be prepared for in 2017:

1. It’s going live.

The world we live in at present is not just about the Age of Information, it’s the Age of Experience. Now more than ever, your responsibility as a business is to be where your market is whenever, wherever. This is exactly why the onset of live streaming is taking the world by storm. From Periscope Pro and Facebook Live to Instagram Stories and the very recently launched Twitter Live, more and more companies are starting to utilize live streaming as a means to connect to their market instantly. Our suggestion? If you want to always make a great first impression, strike whilst the iron is hot.

2. It’s going to get chatty.

As we’ve mentioned on the beginning of this article, two-way communication is something the online world has opened. Yes, a lot of websites have chat portals that allow for instant messaging but your clients spend more time in social media. Add that to the fact that they are more comfortable with the platform, they will definitely find it easier to utilize messaging apps on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. With this, we strongly suggest you have a team or at least one employee assigned to always be ready to accommodate incoming messages through any of your active social media accounts.

3. It’s going interactive.

The continuous innovation in anything that has to do with internet is not slowing down anytime soon. Now, it’s not just about posting simple images or links, it’s all about making your audience feel like they are experiencing exactly what you want them to. For instance, if you have a company event, either take advantage of live video or use 360 images. The former allows your users to witness what’s happening as it unfolds as well as share their sentiments via live comments or reactions while the former offers them a chance to look around the venue as if they are actually there.

It’s not going to be an easy journey to be a successful social media player but if you actually take the time to learn how to navigate around it and use it to your advantage, there’s a bigger chance it would contribute to increasing not just the leads you generate but the clients you retain as well. If you need help in knowing how social media can help your business grow, then our digital marketing experts here at Panalo Solutions would be more than glad to help you out.